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Research Topic- Easy Cleaner

As energy is define as capacity to do work and hence, this definition is applicable for the workers/sweeper who gives their time and energy to keep the surrounding clean. Hence for them, this device has been introduced.

This device can bring great help to the workers who clean the floor of industries, hospital, colleges etc manually. Our machine is dual purpose machine which collects the dust from its front and clean the floor from back simultaneously. Hence, its front acts as a vacuum cleaner and its back as floor cleaner.

The main advantage of this device is that it does not depend on any kind of power or energy supply. The main components of this machine are: auto wiper motor links mechanism and air suction blower, bevel gears.

This machine is based on the manual operation, with the help of gear arrangement, pulley wiper motor and suction blower. Due to its light weight and smooth movement it can be easily pushed. Hence, the time taken to clean the floor is reduced.

The manufacturing cost of this machine is very low as compared to the electrically operated machine which is used in MNC and commercial buildings. As the main concern of this era is conservation of energy, with the help of this device both energy and efficiency are improve.

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