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Research Topic- Fuel Injection Pump

The fuel injection pump is a device that pumps diesel into the cylinder of a diesel engine; the injection pump is directly driven by the help of gears, chain or toothed belt which are driven by crankshaft. It is responsible for fine spray of very small particles of fuel for better combustion. The fuel is metered & pumped to the fuel valve by the fuel pump which is driven by the crankshaft. The fuel valve is opened by the mechanical linkage which is controls the timing of fuel injection, fuel valve also connected to the high pressure air line fed by a multi-stage compressor which supplies air at a pressure of 60-70 bar. When the fuel valve is opened the blast of air sweeps the fuel for along with it and a well atomised fuel spray is sent to the combustion chamber.

We have increased the pressure & velocity of air fuel mixture so, that we get more fine spray of fuel inside the combustion chamber.


  • · Due to fine spray well defined flame propagation occurs.

  • · Increase the efficiency of the diesel engine.

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