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Research Topic- Gravity Operated Flywheel

Man has always been in pursuit of energy to meet his ever increasing demand. In recent times due to effects of pollution and global warming there is a need gases for generating power from renewable sources. The reason for generating for a power using gravity is that it is available all over the Earth, abundant and consistent too. Despite all of this, gravity has a bad name that it is a weak when compared with chemical, thermal forces or radioactivity or electro magnetism.

But this weakness is due to uniformity or steady state. Due to this weakness, it cannot be efficiently converted into electrical energy or in other form in this project we designed a methodology where in gravitational energy is further amplified in terms of its magnitude by using Perpetual Motion Mechanism and hence can be successfully transformed into usable electrical energy.

The basic concept of a gravity power generating mechanism is simple. When a body moves down from a higher altitudes to a lower one its potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.

The basic objective of developing this arrangement is to provide assistance to the small scale level windmill in order to provide uniform rotation to the windmill in case of non uniform wind speed.

This will also further help in more continuous power generation, on further development can also be used on larger scale, And thus, it will also provide source of energy especially now when the chances of energy crisis are day by day increasing due to rapid exploitation of the current source such as fossil fuels.

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