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L30, Amplifier Using LM386

The LM386 IC has got 8 pins which require very few external components to work as a mono amplifier. The circuit above is taken from the datasheet and shows the external components required for constructing a mono-channel audio amplifier with LM386. An external 10K potentiometer at the input is used to control the volume of the output speaker.

Connect input terminal between Ground and 10K potentiometer. For a stereo audio amplifier, we need two of this circuit.

The supply voltage range for LM386 is wide (4-18 V). It can be powered with a +9Vbattery. For digital volume control feature, you can replace the external 10K potentiometer at the input stage with a digital potentiometer chip.

The power output is around 550 Megawatt at 16 ohm’s speaker impedance. This amplifier is applicable only for small devices, like laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.


  • LM386 Amplifier IC

  • Resistor 10 ohm& Variable resistor 10K

  • Capacitor 0.05uf, 10uf & 250uf (Microfarad)

  • Speaker 4 to 6 ohm

  • Battery 9 - 12 volts

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