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L59, LEDs flasher for Traffic Police

This is the traffic baton circuit which available in two versions that are traffic baton with LED flasher and traffic baton with bulb flasher. Both the circuits powered with a 6V, 4.5Ah rechargeable battery, which is clipped to the operator waistband. This circuit which come from EFY mag, will help the police or someone to regulate the traffic with hand signals at night or in dark condition. Since their hand signals may not be visible at night, it is necessary to have some illuminated direction indicator.


  • IC1 = NE555

  • LED 1-20 = RED

  • LED 21-40 = Green

  • T1 = BD139, T2 = BD140

  • R1 = 4.7K, R2 = 150K,

  • C1 = 1uf, C2 = 0.01uf (103)

  • For LEDs 100-470 ohms

  • 9v Battery

  • S1 Slide switch (Two way)

S1 = on/off switch series within battery It uses an Astable multi-vibrator mode of 555 Timer for flash the LED, it similar to flip-flop circuit. The “on” time of the LED cluster is about 108 milliseconds and “off” time is around 105 milliseconds. The frequency is around 5 Hz. A diode is wired in series with the base of BD140 to increase the forward voltage in order to ensure that when BD139 conducts,

BD140 is cut-off. Select the LED which consumes low current (20 mA or so) but flashes bright.

Make a flasher stick like this-

Build the LED flasher and bulb flasher circuits on separate general- purpose PCBs. Place the LED flasher in a transparent acrylic pipe as displayed in above images. The bulb flasher circuit can be enclosed in another transparent acrylic pipe.

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