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L60, Sounds Depend Flip Flop

Here given is a circuit in which the status of the output pins of a Flip Flop IC can be toggled by using sound. A condenser microphone is used for picking up the sound. The first two op-amps in the IC1 LM 324 is used to amplify the sound picked by the condenser microphone. The third op-amp inside LM 324 is wired as a level detector. Whenever the voltage produced due to sound have a level more than that of the reference voltage at pin 5 of the third op-amp, its output (pin 7) goes high, triggering the flip flop IC1 CD 4027.As a result the state of the output pins of CD 4027 (Pin 1 & Pin 2) toggles for each burst of sound. 7805 voltage regulator is using as constant output of power 5volt, for operating the functions of this circuits. The sensitivity of the circuit can be adjusted by varying the preset R9.


  • IC1 = LM324

  • IC2 = CD4027

  • R1, R2, R3, R7 = 10K

  • R4 = 1M, R5 = 100ohm, R6 = 100K,

  • R8 = 100ohm, R9 = 4.7K

  • C1 = 100uf, C2 = 100nf, C3 = 0.47uf

  • C4 = 1uf, C5 = 0.1uf

  • M1 = MIC (Micro condenser)

  • Battery 9volt

  • IC 7805 (voltage regulator)

  • S1 = on/off switch

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