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L74, DC to AC Inveter

This is the simple inverter circuit using 555 Timer IC. Current inverter circuit 12v 110v. What a load that you intend to eat? After all, according to the type of load (appliance) that you will feed the inverter can be output with square wave (easier to ride) or sinusoidal (more complicated, but necessary in some cases).

Then it’s quiet. You can use a simple inverter with square wave output even as the source of the notebook is switched. The switching power supplies can use sine wave or square with no problems.


  • IC= 555 Timer

  • Q1 = TIP41A (NPN), Q2 = TIP41A (PNP)

  • R1 = 10K, R2 = 100K, R3 = 100ohm, VR4 = 50K

  • C1, C2 = 0.1uf, C3 = 0.01uf

  • L1 = 1uH (Micro-henry)

  • Step up transformer (6v to 9v)

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