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L83, Solar Garden Light

This is a Solar Garden Light Circuit Diagram that consists of a very simple system garden lighting that can be done by using some common electronic parts and a small solar panel. The electronic design is simple yet very efficient, has the advantage of being solar powered, it requires only one transistor, one 2.5volt solar panel and some other common electronic components you can remove junk.


  • Solar panel (3-6v)

  • Transistor = BC547

  • Inductor L = 60t, 40t

  • Diode = 1N4148

  • Battery = 1.5-3v

  • Resistor = 2.2K

  • Capacitors = 1nf, 47uf

  • LEDs (White)

This solar lighting system automatically turns on the LEDs when the solar panel detects no light turns off when the solar panel produces more than 1v and charges the battery when the panel produces more than 2.1V

The coils in this circuit require a core material F29 and they must be made with wire of 0.095 mm in core 2.6x6mm. "This circuit uses the system joule thief (joule thief) to provide voltage necessary for the LED, so other coils can be tested.

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