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L95, Electronic Mosquito Repellent Circuit

This Circuit Generates a Frequency From 20-38 KHz. These Range Of Frequency Irritates Mosquito And They Runs Away From Your House. human can't hear this frequency but animals and insects can hear this.

Here we used a 10K variable resistor which is used for increase and decrease the value of frequency.

Components required

  • Breadboard or brownboard

  • 555 Timer IC

  • 10k variable resistor

  • 1k resistor

  • 0.01uf capacitor

  • 9v battery

  • jumper wire

  • buzzer


  • Use 8 pin IC base for 555 timer if design on PCB

  • Best way to design a circuit is on breadboard

  • Adjust frequency at on higher value

  • 9v to 12v DC power supply can use

  • Use all through-hole components

  • Use all precautions

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