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LED Dot Matrix Board, P10

This display board is very useful and mostly use for marketing and advertising purpose which plays a very important roles. This Digital LED display board are getting popular nowadays because of there features and advantages. this display is work with DC 5v.

This is very easy to program with arduino and any other modules. here I'll tell you how to program with arduino.

Required components-

  • Arduino UNO or NANO

  • P10 LED Module

  • 16 Pin FRC connector

  • Breadboard

  • Connection wire

Circuit Diagram-


#include <SPI.h> #include <DMD.h> #include <TimerOne.h> #include "SystemFont5x7.h" #include "Arial_black_16.h"

#define ROW 1 #define COLUMN 1 #define FONT Arial_Black_16

DMD led_module(ROW, COLUMN);

void scan_module() {   led_module.scanDisplayBySPI(); }

void setup() {   Timer1.initialize(2000);   Timer1.attachInterrupt(scan_module);   led_module.clearScreen( true ); } void loop() {     led_module.selectFont(FONT);     led_module.drawMarquee("Welcome to Circuit Digest",25, (32 * ROW), 0);     long start = millis();     long timming = start;     boolean flag = false;     while (!flag)     {       if ((timming + 20) < millis())        {         flag = led_module.stepMarquee(-1, 0);         timming = millis();       }     }   }

Watch here- https://youtu.be/2ZcBeEUmwRY

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