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Research Topic- Power Ramp

In today's age of modernization it is very well said that it is more productive to conserve energy from our day to day processes rather than generating more power and in turn consuming more and more of our precious natural resources such as coal.

Power ramp is one such concept. It works on a principal of conversion motion into rotary motion. When load is applied at the power ramp's surface the load is transferred to a rotating shaft with the help of a chain drive and a rack and pinion arrangement. To the free end of the rotating shaft is employed a fly wheel which receives an RPM of about 120,

Now with the help of a pulley and belt drive this power on the shaft is then transferred to a PMDC motor which rotates at the rate of around 250 rounds per minute, which in turn generates a potential of about 6 volts.

Now, by employing an amplification circuit at the reception end this acquired potential of 6volts can be amplified into 25volts.

Now this electricity can be used into many practical applications such as-

1) Charging a battery.

2) Lighting of street lights at night.

3) Running some digital displays.

4) Traffic lights operation.

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