Remote Control UV-C Disinfection desk lamp

Updated: May 22

Kill 99.99% virus in 25-30 minutes

We are Introducing new product "UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp" Manufactured by - HiLo Kills pathogen virus and bacteria. A study of Health Europe says UVC kills 99.9% Corona Virus in 25 minutes It can reduce the risk of Covid-19

  • Please ensure that there is no movement in the room.

  • Switch on the unit and walk out from the room with the remote and close the door. Use remote to switch on or off the device

  • You should be able to see the blue glow of the UV lamp without being in the visual range of the lamp through the door slit.

  • Kills 99.9% of Pathogens Virus and bacteria,

  • Study of health Europe say kill 99.99% virus in 25-30 miutues

  • UV disinfection lamp is more effective than liquid disinfectant, no irritating odor after disinfection,

  • No need to use any refills, Just on and disinfect.

  • Can be used in home, rooms, office, shops, lobby etc.

  • Made of quartz material, 254nm wavelength, long service life, high transmission rate and better sterilization effect.

  • 360°wider UV light can kill the bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold more efficiently.

  • UV can spread over every corner, can purify air.

  • Provide a healthier living environment to your family

Home usage Living rooms, Bed room, Kitchen, Washroom, storage room, lobby etc .
Coverage of small areas and rooms
High effective Phillips UV-C lamp 254 nm
Remote control up-to 25 meter through wall
Stylish cylindrical design
Fully fiber body
Size- 12 x 2.5 Inches
Operating voltage 220v AC
2 Meter long power chord
Phillips brand 11W UV-C 
Wavelength 254nm
Life 11000 Hours
Remote with long life battery
360 degree radiation emits
Suitable for room and small hall
Remember to avoid direct exposure to UVC, especially skin and eye
Switch On the Lamp and leave the room or place for 30 minutes.
Avoid from children to go near by.
Don't use while sleeping

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