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Water Level Indicator With Auto Motor On/Off | Digital Display Level Indication

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

When the water level in the tank becomes low means water get down from the sensor, motor get switch on automatically the tank starts filling up.

when the water level reaches to the higher level, the top level sensor sense then the motor automatically gets switched off. water level indication provided to see water level in tank. Motor on off indication provided. High quality abs enclosure. No man power is required as it is operate as fully automatic. Supply voltage : 220-270 v AC, suitable to upto 2.0 hp motor. Also suitable for single phase MCB starter pump

Auto and manual switch available. In auto mode, motor start and stop automatically. In manual model, motor start and stop with manual switch,

Sensing elements: SS316 sensors, it is freed from oxidation. Long life. Any conducting wire can be use for sensor.